Microsoft Excel (Basic) cover

Microsoft Excel (Basic)

Instructor: The WallStreet School

Language: English

Validity Period: 45 days

Max Viewing Hours: 10 Hours

₹3000 including taxes

What You'll Learn -

  • Using keys instead of mouse in excel
  • Sorting Data and using advanced filters to overcome the limitations of filters
  • Cell Freeze, Row Freeze, Column Freeze
  • Using conditional formatting in excel and making the data look more meaty
  • Linkages used for Financial Modeling and Valuations Program
  • Simple excel formulas as sum, product, division, multiplications, paste special, concatenate
  • Vlook Up/H look up usage of data
  • Match Function
  • Combination of multiple functions in a problem as Vlook +Match, Index+Match, VlookUp and If
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